Work with what is there

The most effective practice is the one you can actually do.

My priority is safe, sustainable practice that works for you, whatever your situation. Yoga is like any powerful tool: As effective as your focus allows and as specific as your choice given your aim.
There is no shortage of possibilities to adjust and custom design – the very process is part of the attention that we need and learn in Yoga.

Different formats

Group classes

Group classes are great for anything you know how to do and want to keep practicing. Several people instantly build a group dynamic that makes it easier to stay committed and focused and finish what you started. Also this way you have experiences to exchange afterwards. This picture is from an outside group class, though no student was pictured for their privacy.

Private Training

Private Classes are where we advance and learn new things. Whether you are a beginner, seek to step up your practice, or just have had another year pass without anyone taking a closer look at your alignment – the benefits of having someone assess and assist you cannot be overstated. This picture (with my students’ kind permission) shows a private student at her home, going into her first headstand.

Workshops, Talks or Masterclasses

It is usually a good idea to zone in on the specifics as you embark on any new project.

Whether you are thinking about taking up a new practice – be it for a specific purpose or that you are just new to Yoga – or in order to build on your foundational knowledge: learning more is rarely a bad idea.


Sometimes we need to withdraw and reflect. A retreat is perfect for this and what better way to further your aim than embody what you set your mind to in daily Yoga classes, that either challenge or relax you?

Committed groups

I am happy to come to your work, your gym, park or anywhere you want so long as I can reach it 🙂
Alternatively you can come to me at the Trondheim Pole Studio, where I currently do most of my teaching, and we can custom design a programme together.

Online classes

A class where everyone is physically present is obviously ideal. Sometimes, however, we have our reasons to stay at home. Since August 2018 I teach a continuous weekly online course. It is taught in German and new dates are announced and booked every two months. Newcomers are welcome to join at any time.

Got an idea I didn't mention?

"Sophia manages something really rare: She connects the metaphysical and the physical world in a comprehensible way. I had always thought that yoga and yoga teachers are esotherical people who would not agree that 4-5=-1, because negative numbers cannot be seen or felt or so. Sophia's teaches the movements, the exercises (really well!) and on the fly gives you a feeling of - for example - how the shakras (spelling?) can be incorporated into our western world way of thinking such that they are not cast aside a la "but this is so wala wala... it has nothing to do with the real world". Great mixture of philosophy and exercises."