My education

I started studying western Philosophy and Anglistic literature in 2009, when I also attended a four-months acting class, which taught me a lesson I am still benefiting from: That doing exercises can do wonders for one’s mental state. I was reinforced in my conviction, that there is great, albeit unarticulated knowledge in the body and conducted some of my own experiments while studying Philosophy.
My many small jobs (selling on different kinds of markets, teaching courses in schools and supervising children, for example) confirmed, that presence and attentive interaction were at the root of the kind of work I wanted to do. I started my own Yoga practice in 2015 and quickly realised, that this was a system that provided many of the tools I was already half-knowingly dabbling with – and many more. It soon became certain that I had found my next building block, and so I enrolled in a teacher training programme in India. I graduated in February 2017 and remain forever thankful to my wonderful teacher Yogacharya Lalit Kumar and his school.
Yoga quickly became my main occupation.
I see the teaching of Yoga like Yoga practice itself: One is never “done”, and it is never about being finished either. Every day is just one step and one always keeps practicing and learning to alternatingly deepen or broaden one’s understanding and abilities.
I am therefore very happy to have completed the next step of my professional development by graduating the 500hr syllabus in May 2019.
Teaching at 3T further intensified my focus on safe alignment and working with the often very physical demands and ailments private students came to me with. At the Trondheim Pole Studio where I teach now, we are exploring the more acrobatic sides of yoga. The next sensible improvement I could make to my teaching seems to lie in physiotherapy, which I began to study at NTNU in 2022.
"Apart from the fact that she has a very calming, yet energizing demeanor, she was able to attend to all my questions and problems fast, creative and accurate. I had a very educationals lesson with her and would recommend her any time."