A work in progress

I currently teach in three languages, German, English and Norwegian. My aim is to offer a few videos for you to get an impression in either of these. As I am no professional with shooting glossy videos, however, I ask for your patience, both, with respect to their quality and with respect to how much is already online.

My priority is to teach people for real.


Yogawiederholung Montagskurs

Etwa halbstündige Wiederholung für den Montagskurs beim SC Condor. Entschuldigt die Videoqualität 🙂

German Yogaflow for my online class

This is a slightly advanced course taught in German.  It’s a flowing sequence to strengthen and lengthen the whole body. Helpful props include a block, a strap and a cushion/bolster. Do have some water handy 🙂 It takes about an hour including Savasana. You may want a blanket for this last part, depending on your climate.

Talks and Experiments

Yoga for depressive Episode Recovery

This is an overview over what I specialized on for my 500h TTC.

Pranayama - Experimenting with the Wim Hof Method

This is an experiment of trusting my intuition and my training in Yoga and the Wim Hof Method (at least three cold immersions a week for a few months).
I had noticed that my mental state changes just by cold immersion, not only in the intense breathing, and so I decided to tape it in order to look at it “clearheadedly” later.
Maybe this is of benefit to someone else who is considering this.

"I felt very well cared for. Sophia has responded to each of our questions and concerns. She has individually promoted and challenged us, always adapted to our personal abilities. she exudes calm and strength that is contagious. I would always take more lessons with her. Thank you very much Sophia."