Group classes vs. Privates

A group class is a very different experience from a private session.

Everything I teach can be adapted to either, so chose your modus, depending on your situation. While I have a very special place in my heart for private sessions (it is just the maximum of efficiency, precision and personal adjustment that we can do), both modi have their definitive merits. Here are some of the key differences.

Group class

A group class is great for maintainance and upkeep.

Following along and contributing to the group dynamic can be very soothing and grounding, as well as a lot of fun, e.g. if you come with your friends. At 3T group classes are free for members, which is a definite perk, as you can just drop in and enjoy a class whenever you feel like it.
As group classes aren’t tailored to you specifically it is also much easier to switch from one teacher to the next for a new perspective, as you don’t need to go through assessment with your new teacher and discuss your aims.

If you are well-established in your practice through either a few initial private sessions or regular progress work with your favourite private teacher, you can switch attendance in group classes as much as you like and always quietly adjust. Often, having to finetune ourselves, can also help greatly with body awareness.

I recommend to everyone who works with me privately, that they also attend group classes – we have a great variety of choice at 3T! In the words of a student, though:

“I get much more out of the group classes, since I started taking PT.”

Private class

A private class is absolutely tailored to you, right then and there.

Because you are the centre of attention, we can explore much more variables. We do not have to keep things generic enough to work for every one, but can go right in at maximal efficiency for your specific circumstances and, if you like, your doshic type.
This very personal approach is perfect if you want to advance your practice in any area, if you have a psychologial or physiologial issue you want to deal with or if you want to develop a sequence for home practice, that is tailored to you.
And of course, in a private class we can optimize the practice at a moment’s notice. If today you need more focusing Pranayama instead of your regular Asana, that is what we will do.

I recommend for anyone to get at least a few private sessions at some point, to finetune alignment, to learn about our own strengths and weaknesses in the practice, and frankly, to get a first idea as to what options Yoga offers. Very often we will underestimate the vast amount of possibilities and just not realize, that Yoga could help us with something, that we reluctantly concluded we just have to put up with.